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Looking for a fun and engaging team-building activity? Look no further than the outbound packages offered by Surya Yudha Park! Our outbound programs are designed to promote cohesiveness, leadership, cooperation, and solidarity through a variety of games and activities that can be enjoyed in both our land and water zones.

Our outbound package includes a guide, mineral water, sound system, use of both land and water zones, lunch and outbound equipment, all for the low price of Rp. 175.000 per person. With a minimum order of 30 people, this is the perfect activity for companies, organizations of groups looking to strengthen their team dynamic.

In addition to the many benefits of outbond activities. Surya Yudha Park also offer top-notch facilities and a friendly, experience staff to ensure that your team-building experience is a success. And with our documentation charge of Rp. 150.000 per group, you will have a record of all the fun and teamwork that took place

So why wait? Contact Surya Yudha Park today and book your outbound package and take the first step towards building s stronger and more cohesive team!


Rate Paket outbound | Rp. 175.000 / pax

minimum order : 30 pax. Dengan fasilitas :

  • Pemandu
  • Air mineral
  • Sound system
  • Zona darat dan air
  • Makan siang
  • Perlengkapan outbound

Charge dokumentasi : Rp. 150.000 / rombongan.